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Our professional team implements modern cleaning methods and advanced cleaning equipment and products to successfully remove stains and thoroughly clean and refresh the look of your carpets , rugs and upholstery . . .

All cleaning is done in accordance with Australian Standards .

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If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaning company you can depend on Aussie Carpet Cleaning
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Our Services include  Carpet Cleaning , Upholstery Cleaning , Tile & Grout Cleaning and Pest Control  We use commercial grade equipment and top quality products, ensuring superior results. Established in 2010 we have been servicing the Sunshine Coast region for over thirteen years . We are always focused on being professional and providing a high quality service at a great price every time


Our Certified Carpet Cleaners are experts when it comes to End Of Lease Cleaning. We will remove most stains and leave the carpets clean and fresh.
carpet cleaning

3 Rooms


3 rooms steam cleaned , standard clean , 3 standard size rooms , 3 mtr X 3 mtr

carpet cleaning

3 rooms & Flea


3 rooms steam cleaned & flea treatment , 3 standard size rooms , 3 mtr X 3 mtr

Quality Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Local Carpet Cleaning is here to provide our clients with the best quality carpet cleaning at low prices.

Regardless of where you are located, from Noosa to Peregian Springs, Nambour to Beerwah , Marcoola to Maroochydore, and all of Caloundra including Aura, Baringa and Nirimba , Banya , on the Sunshine Coast, and everywhere in between, we take pride in offering exceptional services, great prices and customer satisfaction.

Services include stain removal and dust mite removal and water extraction and carpet steam cleaning , mattress cleaning and tile and grout cleaning , ensuring your floors are clean and hygienic is important for your staff and family’s health.

While vacuuming regularly will keep it in check on a day to day basis, regular carpet cleaning by professionals will make sure your home or business is happy and healthy for you and your children or staff.


1Do i have to move any furniture before cleaning technicians arrive ?
Cleaning technicians will usually move items such as sofas, tables and chairs. Some furniture like beds, dressers, pianos, grandfather clocks and other large, heavy or delicate items can be moved are not usually included in the estimated price and need to be arranged for moving ahead of time. It is always recommended that you move all the small items and breakables from the furniture you wish to be moved before the cleaning technicians arrive.
2What areas do you service ?
We service every suburb on the Sunshine Coast , from Caloundra to Noosa and Nambour to Beerwah and everywhere inbetween including newer suburbs of Aura including , Baringa and Banya and Nirimba and Gagalba . We service all of Peregian and , Coolum, Marcoola , Bli Bli , Maroochydore , Mooloolaba , Mountain Creek , Kawana , Birtinya and so on .
3How Long Does Water Extraction Cleaning Take to Dry?
Drying times vary, depending on a number of factors, including the amount of cleaning that is needed, the humidity, carpet thickness, central heating and more. Commercial grade, truck-mounted systems are usually equipped with powerful vacuums that significantly cut down drying times. Most clients report that their carpets are completely dry within 1 to 2 hours. In general, it’s always a good idea to plan around the 2 hour mark.
4How often should I clean my carpets?
When cleaned and maintained correctly, carpet life is significantly extended. We recommend that your carpets are cleaned every six to twelve months in a domestic situation and more often in a commercial property. Remember, even when carpets don’t appear to be particularly dirty, it’s the unseen soils, bacteria and allergens that cause the real damage both to your carpets and to your personal health. To keep your carpets looking their best and lasting the test of time, regular vacuuming of the carpet (at least once a week) is advised.
5How Should I Maintain My Carpets?
Regular vacuuming is one of the best maintenance activities you can do on your own. Most vacuuming, however, is done too quickly and even the best household vacuums can’t be as effective when you move too fast. Give your vacuum time to lift the carpet pile, agitate it and remove the soils. Most soils are dry and can be removed properly if vacuumed promptly and properly. Spills should be treated as soon as possible to avoid staining. Before leaving your home, our carpet cleaning technicians should recommend the time for your next professional cleaning. Following their suggestion as well as your carpet manufacturer’s requirement should help keep your carpets looking fresh for years.
6Which Type of Cleaning Is Best: Encapsulation Cleaning, or Hot Water Extraction?
The two most popular cleaning techniques are hot water extraction (also known as Steam Cleaning) and encapsulation cleaning . We provide both options and will choose the one that works best for your personal situation. We recommend hot water extraction as our preferred method as it provides deep clean and effectively removes soil/dirt from your carpet. However, there are some situations (e.g. busy offices) where a quicker drying method may be more convenient, and still produce great results.
7Will All the Carpet Stains Come Out?
The majority of stains do come out, but with old or stubborn stains there may be some extra work required and it may not be possible to fully remove unfortunately.
8Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets ?
Yes, the safety of your family and pets is our priority. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.
9How long does a typical cleaning service take ?
The duration of our cleaning services varies depending on the size and condition of the area being cleaned. We strive for efficiency without compromising quality, and we'll provide an estimated time frame when you book your service.
10Do i need to be home during cleaning ?
Lots of our customers love the fact that we come in and complete the work while they are at work. On arrival home the house smells great and the carpets are clean and fresh. Our technician will leave your house safe and secure on departure.

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