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Regular carpet cleaning: Regular carpet maintenance is very necessary. Carpet stain removal, carpet odour removal and releasing dust and dirt from the carpet are essential. Moreover, it ensures a long usable life of your carpet. This method using normal cleaning and sanitizing methods keeps your carpet in shape.

Carpet Steam Cleaning: This method uses steam and natural cleaning agents. This is best for restoring your carpet as it takes very less time to clean and dry the carpet. This not just keeps your carpet in shape but also removes dust, mites, and allergens from your carpet and deodorizes it too.

Carpet Shampooing : Carpet Shampooing is one of the best ways to remove stains and dirt from the carpet. The team of our carpet cleaners uses a carpet shampooing machine and high-quality shampoo that suit your carpet fibre. Call us today and get the best solution and care for your carpet at affordable prices.

Carpet Dry Cleaning is another efficient method for cleaning your carpet effectively. For dry carpet cleaning, a dry cleaning solvent with less no water is applied to carpet fibres and left for several minutes. Then the cleaning solution is extracted using a vacuum which also pulls the dirt and pollutants along.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast


Pricing Table

3 rooms $88 $ 3 rooms $80
  • 2 rooms and flea spray $120
  • 3 rooms and flea spray $140
  • 4 rooms and flea spray $160

One or two Rooms is usually $80

Three Rooms Is now discounted to $80

Four Rooms Is now discounted to $95

When your lease ends and you vacate a house, then you are bound to return the things in the condition you received. This list of items also includes carpet which is not easy to be cleaned without the help of professionals. We have the best team of professionals which can help you get out of this tension. The professionals will clean the carpet and bring it back to the best of its condition. There will be no problem regarding the cleaning status of the carpet after you have got them cleaned by our professionals.

Avail Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

 Aussie Carpet Cleaning is delivering it’s most beneficial and cost-effective carpet cleaning services at many commercial areas including, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, and malls. We offer our commercial carpet cleaning services at a cost which no owner ever hesitate to pay. Every commercial area place carpets at their workplaces just to maintain the looks and to retain their assets looking expensive. However, carpets become stained and torn due to the regular utilisation of it. So call our experts today to avail our advantageous services today.

Reasons why Carpet Cleaning is Necessary?

  1. Removal of dust and mites: With the increase in pollution, dust and other suspended particles crowd the air. The pollutants settle over your carpet giving it a dull look. Moreover, dirty carpets can be the most preferred shelter for mites and bugs. Hence, regular and on-time carpet cleaning keeps your carpet away from such threats. It not only removes mites, bugs and insects from the pores and the inner surface of your carpet but also dodges away from the dust.
  2. Removes odour: Due to the lack of timely and regular cleaning, the carpet starts liberating unpleasant odour. Regular carpet cleaning takes you out of this trouble.
  3. Removes stain: Additionally, stained carpets give the most indecent look to your interiors. Regular and timely cleaning helps, you remove stains. Some stains if not cleaned moreover, instantly become stubborn and difficult to remove.
  4. Gives a healthy lifestyle: Dirty and stained carpets can be home of allergens and contaminants. Hence,these microorganisms can be the cause of severe health problems for you and your family.
  5. Increases carpet life and enhances ambiance: Proper cleaning ensures proper maintenance of carpet. It increases the usable life of the carpet. It also enhances the ambiance of your interiors making your home clean and shiny.
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